Visita Iglesia Photoshoot

Finally got a chance to do a photoshoot, my trusty camera finally got  some fresh air after being stuck in the cabinet for more than a month.

Visita Iglesia which is Spanish means “church visit” in English is a common habit during the Lenten Season and done on Maundy Thursday, its been a trend that churches creates a theme either by a creating catchy design or gimik so people will flock to their church. This year’a theme is the first political related theme I saw, its the Roman Catholic’s strong stand against RH bill(Reproductive Health Bill).

I use my trusty kit lens and really have to rely on a steady pulse as I didn’t want to log around my tripod. A nice lens with a bigger aperture is a nice to  have on this type of lighting conditions.

WordPress Mobile Pack for WP 3.0.1

Wanted to make my blog readable on a mobile device so I installed a new plugin called WordPress Mobile Pack, it allows your site to automatically detect the user’s connection if its a mobile or desktop and loads the appropriate theme.

If you haven’t installed it yet grab it at

For installation on WordPress version 3.0.1 you need to unzip the package then upload to the plugins directory.

So far I’m loving the WordPress Green mobile theme as it matches my current theme.

Happy mobile computing.

Consuming Social Media Theory

With all the social media found in the web its easy to get hanged up and unknowingly spend alot more time on consuming media like reading RSS feeds, checking Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs, etc than getting real work done.

I just saw a video shared to me on Facebook made by Ed Dale on how he keeps his edge by consuming social media in the most efficient manner and using the right technology. I very like much his approach and theory on how and when you should consume social media which is pretty simple but very much overlooked.

When in front of the computer you should be working and developing, consume social media when not working like when on the bed, sala or doing something else.

Ed uses the available resources like an Ipad which is designed to consume content and use it efficiently which he access or read for later when not in front of the computer.

Check out his vid below.

Now I want an Ipad. Planning to get one when Ipad 2 becomes available here in the Philippines.