August Goal: Create first mobile iOS app & Advance Developer Certification

Welcome August, time really flies so fast. I’m setting a couple of goals to complete before August ends to get things crossed out from my 2011 Todo List.

I’ve been doing alot of reading and studying on iOS for almost 5 months and need to really get something off the shelf so to speak. For my first application I got some ideas from my wife who owns a preschool. This would be an educational app for preschool kids. I’ll be leveraging a little bit of on the app.

Also I’ve been a certified certified developer since last year November 2010. Time to prep up my skills and move to bigger and tastier things like getting the Advanced Developer exam, this focuses more on the programmatic side of building apps using

So looking forward to cracking the shell this August.

Java Runtime missing on Mac OS X Lion

From Rosetta missing for PowerPc apps to run on Intel machines,  also missing after updating to Lion is the  Java runtime  which is used for running Java applications in my case particularly my Eclipse IDE.

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Installing Mac OS X Lion and making an installer backup

Finally decided to upgrade to OS X Lion and check what all the fuzz is all about, Lion no longer support PowerPC apps which is the one thing so far that I dont like but could live with it.

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July Mac Update Roundup

Mac Update Roundup
When Apple makes an update its totally goes with a bang.
Update 1: Yesterday the Mac OS X Lion got release with a hefty 4G download and tagged at $29.99 from the Mac App Store.
My rig is ready and I got the latest versions of Snow Leopard but still hesitant with this kind of OS updates Im not an early adopter, I’ll wait it out for another week to see user reviews and most definitely Im sure that there are some bugs to work out.

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Java SE Development (JDK) not found installing Android SDK

This is a simple tutorial for users with Vista/Windows 7 64-bit.

So you got Eclipse(Helios, Indigo) 64 bit running on your 64-bit machine and definitely you have Java SE Development and Jave Runtime Environment in check. But when you run the Andriod SDK installer you get this error.

Java SE Development (JDK) not found.

Android SDK relies on Java SE Development Kit(JDK)
Go to > Downloads > Java SE > JD to download and install a JDK before continuing.

Note: A Java Runtime (JRE) is not enought to develop for Android.

Well its a bug in the installer, for a simple solution simply hit the Back button and click on Next. Your JDK should be detected.