How to Install Apache Ant on a Mac

Created a video for installing apache ant on Mac running on MacOS Sierra and here is the steps to follow along. Download Apache Ant to your desktop and unzip the files Rename the folder to ant Open the Terminal Move the files to /usr/local Fix the permission Edit the bash_profile with your favorite editor Add […]


2016 Highlights and 2017 Goals

2017 is just around the corner, 2016 may go down as my most memorable year. I have lost a very dear some one, but amidst all of that I have grown mentally stronger and I can say I have achieved most of the goals I have set. Listing some highlights of my year. Financial growth […]

I’m going to Dreamforce

After 6 years of doing Salesforce, I’m finally attending my first Dreamforce- the biggest software event in the world, where people gather from all over the world to share ideas, learn new skills, connect, and be inspired. I have been fortunate enough to work for a company such as Davanti Consulting, a New Zealand premiere […]

How To Reference the External ID on Lookup in Salesforce

Tweet This post shows you how you can reference another object through it’s external id AV????? ?????????RICOH? ???? SP EC???6100H . This is useful if you do not know the Salesforce ID but know the external ID. Example: You have an external field on the Account object with an API named myExternal_Id__c ???????????? ??G3030T ?JAN4975846033405 […]