Google App Engine for PHP now officially available

If you are into Google’s IO event, they announced earlier year that they are adding support for PHP on their Google App Engine.

From fresh hands on it just last month, I tried it out Google App Engine for PHP, I was pretty amazed on how fast to develop and get up running immediately. The only drawback was that you have to whitelist your website before it can be deployed. Now that whitelist is officially removed.

If you are new to Google App Engine, this is the cloud hosting offering of Google similar to Amazon Web Services.
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Getting the Google Data Authentication for working

Just sharing some information which I hope some would find useful. I’ve been tinkering around with the Google API Toolkit for For starters, these are basically client libraries built on Apex for that connect to Google API like Google Docs API, Blogger API, Google Calendar API among others. The method for authentication on […]

Google Topeka

As a sign of gratitude to city of Topeka, Kansas renaming their city to Google. Google on behalf has renamed the company to Topeka as officially announced on their blog. Go ahead Topeka(google) it. Happy April 1st everyone.

First Mobile Post

Just got a new phone yesterday after almost five years of sticking with my old trusty slow Nokia 6680. Now I’ve finally found a reason to buy one. I didn’t get an iPhone but instead got myself an HTC Hero with Andriod 1.5 OS. So far I’ve been impressed. I installed WordPress for Andriod and […]