Typetalk picks 10 amazing resources for typography

Typetalk is a blog on creativepro.com. I love the list of resources picked regarding typography. Check it out the list here

Free eBook : Top 5 Paper Myths Exposed

When I was working as a graphics designer for a desktop publishing company. It was up to me that the print looks good on the paper. I never paid much attention to the specifics of the type of paper I was printing on. As long as it looks good and customer likes it. I read alot of stuffs regarding getting the best print with your type of paper by tinkering with your print settings, getting a nice grade of paper, using coated, uncoated etc.. There are alot of myths about paper and Sabine Lenz – internationally recognized paper expert, designer, author and speaker, reveals astonishing insights about this topic and put it in a free ebook. Get your free copy of the ebook now here.


Create Favicons and Extract Layers from PSD

Another link to goodies. Here you can find plugins for Photoshop. I like the plugin that conveniently creates a Favicon straight from Photoshop, no need for third party applications, if you don’t know what a favicon is – it is the small icon you see before the URL that distinguishes the bookmark from other bookmarks. Also on the same site is nice plugin that allows you to quickly extract a particular layer(s) from a PSD file without opening the file, plus recover layers from corrupted PSD files.

These plugins are free and author only ask a small donation.


Poster Design for a Job and Trade Fair

Poster design project for Tete Gintu Inc and Greenfields for a job and trade fair in Pampanga.

For job seekers and business oppportunities visit the job fair this coming weekend Sept 13-14 at Greenfields Square, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Tinokla Scribbles and Doodles Project

This theme is for my wife tin who I got into the habit of blogging. She wanted something colorful and fun for her theme.

Tinokla Scribbles and Doodles

Tinokla Scribbles and Doodles