3D Augmented Reality platform(QR+AR) for iPhone, iPad, Android, BB

Technology is really moving fast, saw this in my mailing list and is truly amazing. Its a 3D Augmented reality field solution that works on smartphones. AR Jewelry – Platform for demonstration of products (jewelry, toys etc) using the 3D Augmented Reality technology. [youtube hlc-UKjBXVM] The list of products in this application is downloaded from […]

WordPress Mobile Pack for WP 3.0.1

Wanted to make my blog readable on a mobile device so I installed a new plugin called WordPress Mobile Pack, it allows your site to automatically detect the user’s connection if its a mobile or desktop and loads the appropriate theme. If you haven’t installed it yet grab it at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/ For installation on WordPress […]

Consuming Social Media Theory

With all the social media found in the web its easy to get hanged up and unknowingly spend alot more time on consuming media like reading RSS feeds, checking Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs, etc than getting real work done. I just saw a video shared to me on Facebook made by Ed Dale on how […]