Getting into mobile development

Since I’m coming close to wrapping up one of my goals for these year which was  to get into a photography class and finally learn the ins and out. Moving forward on my own I need to learn next the different lighting techniques  which will mold my skill in photography further. I’m just waiting for […]

Force Update your HTC Hero (GSM)

If you still haven’t received your update your HTC Hero (GSM version) for Andriod Eclair(2.1) from the stock Cupcake(1.5). Eventually the Andriod 2.1 update has been rolled out in the Taiwan, US, Asia and Europe. The update is over the air. Here is a trick I learned on how to force update it if you […]

App Inventor for Andriod

Wow been awhile since my last blog post. Saw this vid and looking forward to using it. Currently App Inventor is on beta and not ready for public. You can sign up and you would be notified soon by the App Inventor Team on its availability. In the meantime check out this vid.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is out

Finally the first ever Sony Ericsson to run on the open source Andriod OS is here. Codenamed Rachel, Xperia X10 is here. With a wide array of features with bells and whistles some of them are Built in camera for photo and video recording. What is a Sony Ericsson without the camera. 8.1 Megapix Autofocus […]