Adding Passive Income Category

I decided to make this blog a “chopsuey” blog instead lol which means it’ll not only be IT related anymore but everything in the mix. I used to have couple of blogs one for personal finance and this IT blog but I found out maintaining a blog let alone two blogs with my hectic schedule […]

Another Domain Scam

LOL. I opened up my mailbox and got this email which wasn’t filtered as spam. Dear lopau Team, Good day to you We received a formal application from Netlon Company are applying to register ” lopau ” as their website and internet brand name in European, American and Asian area on May 28th 2009. During […]

My Home Office

If you are going to freelance and want to work at home, you really need a private space so you can work efficiently. Early this year we had our room renovated, I was using our room for several years as an office and along with that are the irks that easily takes away your focus […]