Create a Web Service using SOAP

This week one of the requirements for our client was to have a application communicate with an external web service running on PHP to generate a barcode sequence. I’ll teach how I was able to setup the web service using NuSOAP and a document/literal as rcp/encoded is not supported by My goal was to make the task easier on php side so from it would make a request by passing a string delimited by an asterisk and pipe. We process the string and return it back as url for the barcode image. I wont be covering barcode creation though in this tutorial but only the web service and sample client.
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How to Setup PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

My previous working setup was on WAMP( Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). On Windows I used a bundled app WampServer that did the job, just install the executable and your all set.

On Mac it kinda needs a bit of work but basically you have to configure PHP, download-install MySQL and phpMyAdmin.
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PHP Certified Developers

I’ve been preparing for the past few months to take the Zend certification for PHP. However I’ve been busy as well with client projects but I plan to take it this year. Here is an interesting chart on the growth of PHP Certified Developers through the years. The growth of PHP developers have been phenomenal […]

Zend Certified

I have made a goal for myself to become Zend Certified, I’ve been prepping up studying to get ready for the test hopefully by October, 3 months to go. From starting out ages ago as graphics designer to becoming a full pledge web developer. Just having your name listed on Zend Yellow Pages would definitely be an achievement. Kudos to the guys who already made it.

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