How To Reference the External ID on Lookup in Salesforce

Tweet This post shows you how you can reference another object through it’s external id AV????? ?????????RICOH? ???? SP EC???6100H . This is useful if you do not know the Salesforce ID but know the external ID. Example: You have an external field on the Account object with an API named myExternal_Id__c ???????????? ??G3030T ?JAN4975846033405 […]

Master-Detail: Field is not writable error on Apex

I came upon this error when I assigning the custom object to the master standard object. Invoice__c inv = new Invoice__c(); inv.Account__c = accountId; insert inv; Then I get this error. Field is not writable : Invoice__c.Account__c The fix was actually easy. I just rewrote it to assign the master id on instantiating the child […]