Google App Engine for PHP now officially available

If you are into Google’s IO event, they announced earlier year that they are adding support for PHP on their Google App Engine.

From fresh hands on it just last month, I tried it out Google App Engine for PHP, I was pretty amazed on how fast to develop and get up running immediately. The only drawback was that you have to whitelist your website before it can be deployed. Now that whitelist is officially removed.

If you are new to Google App Engine, this is the cloud hosting offering of Google similar to Amazon Web Services.

Some points worth mentioning of the differences of the two before diving in.
1. On Amazon EC2 you can launch a Linux instance and install Apache, MySQL and PHP if they are not yet pre-installed and you are generally set up already for building your app.
2. On Google Apps Engine  the server and PHP is available. If you want to start using MySQL then you need to enable Billing for the Google Cloud SQL which is similar to Amazon RDS which is host the database on a different server.

So that is the only part that stopped me was the Billing part. But I’ll be jumping back on it again.

More on the official announcement here.