Google Calendar Improvements

I just love Google applications and how the Google team constantly improves their product. The Google Calendar has some small improvements worth mentioning that really boost productivity and improve its usability. Really its the small things that matter.

Emailing guests – You can now select guests based on their response status or pick-and-choose them individually with checkboxes.

Adding a friend’s calendar – It’s much easier now: you simply start typing a name in the “Add a friend’s calendar” box and we’ll match against your address book. Click the name, and the calendar will be added. Previously you had so many steps to take to do this.

Dragging to create new events – New “gutter” feature for dragging into a cluttered events list. Small improvement but beneficial.

Flexible reminder times – Now you can have a reminder schedule up to the last minute.

Definitely a big ups to the Google Team for these improvements.