How big is a petabyte

I heard about terabytes which is 1000 gigabytes, but not petabyte. With all people storing music, taking pictures, storing videos, HD movies, games etc, documents, database backups etc on to their computer. It’s amazing how storage needs to get bigger and bigger to accomodate these files. Mozy one of the leading online backup services I use posted on their blog an interesting stats and chart on how big is a Petabyte and how much you can store.

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One petabyte is roughly one thousand terabytes, one million gigabytes, or one billion megabytes. That’s the space of 10,000 laptops, each with a 100 GB hard drive, on which you could store approximately one of the following:

# 13.3 years of HD-TV video
# 10 million yards of books on a shelf
# 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text
# 250 million mp3 songs

Jaw dropping..