Object Relationships and Fields

Object Relationships
Link two objects
-parent to child
-one to many

two main types

two special types // implementation of the two
-self relationships
-many to many relationships

lookup relationships
-loosely coupled
* child field value may be optional
* no cascade delte
* independent ownerhip / — independent access control
* max 25 lookup per child
— child may not have a parent

master detail
-tightly coupled
* child field vale is always required
* cascade delete
* inherited ownership * sharing
* max 2 per detail object

Custom Fields
– store the data for your custom object records
– automatically include some standard fields
– create custom fields to store additional information

Custom Fields and External Ids
– Custom index on any custom field of type Text, Number or Email
– Available on all objects that support custom fields
– User-defined cross-reference field
– Why is it important?

– Increases report and API SOQL performance
– Used with upsert to easiy integrate apps with other systems

– An object can have three External IDs

Encrypted Fields
-Encrypted fields allow for masking data from all users except those with the “View Encrypted Data” permission – provisioned feature
– Encrypted custom fields cannot be unique, an external ID or have default values
– Encrypted fields are editable regardless of whether the user has the “View Encrypted Data” permission – can use validation rules, field level security, page layout etc.. to

2 Types Activites
– Task
– Activity

6 Standard Name fields
-Created By
-LAst Modified By
-Created Date/Last Modified Date

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