Wallstrip – Salesforce.com Inc (CRM) spoof

This is a spoof of Salesforce.com Inc – if you are not familiar with Salesforce.com its a company that provides cloud services like Software as a service (Saas) among one of their service which is gaining grounds as the new media for running business applications on the web instead of having physical softwares and hardwares […]

Cloud Experience

Got the chance to mess around with Amazon EC2 console. And was really amazed on how fast setting up a server with AMI(Amazon Machine Image) is. Just browse from already existing thousands of AMI then launch. That simple. One experience though that I don’t like somehow are that these LAMP AMIs seems a little flaky. […]

Understanding Cloud Computing

I always come across the term Cloud Computing several times but not really sure on all the jargon and buzz. It’s like a new term but you may already be working on them. Just like RIA or Rich Internet Application before the term was coined and becoming the default name you were already builiding RIA, […]