Another Domain Scam

LOL. I opened up my mailbox and got this email which wasn’t filtered as spam.

Dear lopau Team,

Good day to you

We received a formal application from Netlon Company are applying to register ” lopau ” as their website and internet brand name in European, American and Asian area on May 28th 2009. During our auditing procedure we find out that the alleged Netlon Company has no trade mark nor patent even similar to that word. Hence we need you confirmation for two things,

First of all, whether this alleged Netlon Company is your business partner or distributor in business world.

Secondly, whether you are interested in registering these domains and internet keyword.

(.eu/.asia/.cn/ etc)

This is a letter for confirmation. If we haven’t receive your reply. We will automatically confirm application from Netlon Company after this audit procedure.

Yours Faithfully,


Registration Commissioner

China Anti-Cybersquatting Organization

‘Tel: +00852 8135 9416


Goodluck Robin! Batman’s not taking the bait.

Domain Buyer? hmm smells like a scam!

I got this email yesterday. It made me excited for a chance to turn one of my domains to some bucks, BUT one thing I learned online is if it is too good to be true, then it must be a scam. Plus the email has the looks of a generic email.


my name is Brandon Birdwell and I would be interested in buying your domain xxxxxxx.COM from you. Are you interested in selling it? If yes, how much would you want for it? What payment method would you prefer?

And just in case you are wondering how I got your email, anyone can get that info at


Brandon Birdwell

B2B Sites and Western Union Scam

There is a growing scam that even the internet savvy may fall victim to. I’m in need of a chip reseter for a particular toner model. I Googled it and ended up at for companies selling chip reseters. This chip reseter for the toner model is very rare and I saw only three companies selling them. In short there is a low niche for this market.

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